Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Elizabeth & Piper Ask

Hi Elizabeth and Piper!
I went to ask Noah and Hope your questions while they ate their cereal. I forgot some of them when I went down stairs. I asked Noah and Hope to talk to you about their favorite movie and books because I remembered that. I can still answer your other questions that I forgot some other time soon.

Noah said "SharkTales is my favorite movie. It's funny it has action it's fun to watch with other people."

Noah said "I like it (Magic Treehouse) because it's good practice for me and it's fun."

Hope said, "My two favorite books are Nancy Drew and Are you there God it's me Margaret"
She said, "The Margaret book is my 2nd favorite because she is brave and in the book she describes what it's like where she's been and it makes you imagine what it's like."
"Nancy Drew is a young and cool detective and in the books and the movie it always seems that she's going to get killed! and in the end she always solves the mystery."

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