Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jill asks

Isaac, We are adopting a sibling group from Haiti and I would love to know what are some things that you would take with you if you moved to the United States from Haiti? Jill W.

I have a ton of stuff I'd wanna take with me if I was moving back to America. Here are the main things: all 220 of my Pokemon cards, my books, my video games, and my journal which is beneficial to me because I like keeping track of my life. And if I could I would take my dogs Peanut and Hazelnut. Thanks for asking. 

yellowgirl asks

hi isaac! I have a grandson named isaac too. i have a question: what is the 'tragic moment' you were born so close to? thanks for blogging.

Yellow girl,
Have you heard of the horrifying day of Nine eleven. I'm pretty sure you have hard of it. So that was the tragic moment I was born next to. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

jillymags asks

Hi Isaac!
What would you like to be some day?
When I was young I really wanted to be a chef and all sorts of things. But now I really wanna be a vet. I know it would take like 8 more years of school but if Jen Halverson who became a doctor did it then I can do (it). I just don't (know) if I should be a wild life vet or a normal vet. 

Elizabeth & Piper Ask

Hi Elizabeth and Piper!
I went to ask Noah and Hope your questions while they ate their cereal. I forgot some of them when I went down stairs. I asked Noah and Hope to talk to you about their favorite movie and books because I remembered that. I can still answer your other questions that I forgot some other time soon.

Noah said "SharkTales is my favorite movie. It's funny it has action it's fun to watch with other people."

Noah said "I like it (Magic Treehouse) because it's good practice for me and it's fun."

Hope said, "My two favorite books are Nancy Drew and Are you there God it's me Margaret"
She said, "The Margaret book is my 2nd favorite because she is brave and in the book she describes what it's like where she's been and it makes you imagine what it's like."
"Nancy Drew is a young and cool detective and in the books and the movie it always seems that she's going to get killed! and in the end she always solves the mystery."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paul asks ...

Paul Beltis said... Wow! Woo hoo! Very exciting to read your comments & ideas & perspectives, Isaac. Here's one question to start things off: What's the best part of having such a big family, & what's the most difficult or challenging part? Love you & your family!

Paul Beltis
The best thing about having a big family is, I have a ton of siblings. So I already have six jaunty friends. Jaunty means lively and energetic. The most difficult and challenging part about being in a big family is sharing attention and placidly getting along. I have no idea what it's like being in a little family. The smallest amount of kids that have been in my family since I was adopted was four. Thanks for asking.

dlmayfield & Soko ask

 dlmayfield said...
You are going to be my new favorite columnist. I would love to know what your top 3 book recommendations are. You seem like a very well-read individual.
That's a great question miss dlmayfield. The 3 books I recommend you should read
1. Island of Dolphins
2. My Side of the Mountain
3. Heaven is for Real
I really enjoyed those 3 books.

Blogger Soko said...
I am so excited to read your weekly column, Isaac! Here are my questions for you:
What is the best book you ever read? What makes a book exciting and fun to read? :)


Monday, May 28, 2012

Echo of Eve asks

Blogger Echo of Eve said...
Hi Isaac! I think this is a great summer activity!

Here is my first question for you: What is your most favorite thing about your mom? :)

Hello echo of eve I (am) very happy you asked that question. My favorite thing about my mom is that she's nice amiable, meaning friendly agreeable she is also very auspicious meaning favorable pointing to a good result. so what I'm trying to say is I like my moms attitude. 

Lorrie asks

Blogger Lorrie Beauchamp Berg said...

Hi Isaac,

I want you to describe to me a typical day for you in Haiti? what time you get up? what you have to eat? what you do? what makes you happy? what makes you sad?

Blessings to you Isaac

Lorrie Beauchamp Berg
Fargo ND

This is a page from my little journal. I write down what I do most days. In case you cannot read it it says "I woke up in the morning and got ready for church. Finished getting ready. Me and Noah started our Poke battle. left the house. Got carsick felt like puking. Got to church. Sang 8 song wich seemed like 20. Went to sunday school. learned and forgot a memory verse. Played teatherball. Went to beth's for like 2 hrs. got some presents. rode bikes. watched a movie.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

coming monday

i am hoping to begin writing answers to your questions tomorrow.

introducing my new blog

Hello everybody,  I am Isaac Livesay.

I am ten and a half and I live in Haiti. This is my first blog post ever! 

I  will   be  willing  to  answer any questions you may have for Hope, me, and Noah. If you have a question for Hope or Noah I will pass it along and write their answer back.

Here are some more facts  about me. 

  • I  was   born  September 18, 2001, close to a tragic moment. 
  • My  favorite color is orange. 
  • My  most absolute favorite food is wonderful STEAK!  
  • Enough about me, I want to leave you with some questions.

My  plan  is to answer any questions you might have about anything about me or my life or Haiti or anything at all like that in a post each Saturday this summer.  

You can leave your question in a comment or you can email with "Ask Isaac" in the subject line.