Sunday, May 27, 2012

introducing my new blog

Hello everybody,  I am Isaac Livesay.

I am ten and a half and I live in Haiti. This is my first blog post ever! 

I  will   be  willing  to  answer any questions you may have for Hope, me, and Noah. If you have a question for Hope or Noah I will pass it along and write their answer back.

Here are some more facts  about me. 

  • I  was   born  September 18, 2001, close to a tragic moment. 
  • My  favorite color is orange. 
  • My  most absolute favorite food is wonderful STEAK!  
  • Enough about me, I want to leave you with some questions.

My  plan  is to answer any questions you might have about anything about me or my life or Haiti or anything at all like that in a post each Saturday this summer.  

You can leave your question in a comment or you can email with "Ask Isaac" in the subject line.


  1. Hi Isaac. My son was born in August 2001 so you two are very close in age. He's been gone this weekend visiting his grandma but I'm quite sure when he returns he'll have many questions for you. We've been following your mom's blog for a few years now.

    Good for you for starting this blog! It's really wonderful that you'll be showing kids your own age what it's like to live outside the U.S.

    Looking forward to seeing your responses to the questions you've already received.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Issac! I have added your blog to my Google reader so I'll always know when you have published a new post! Looking forward to hearing your answers to people's questions. I'll have to think of a few of my own...

  3. Isaac, we would like to know how you spend your weekends (or other free time). We like to ride bikes, play on the trampoline and play video games. From, Aidan & Jeremy, your friends in Texas

  4. So excited you have started a blog Isaac - what a great idea and I think you are the PERFECT person to do it. Looking forward to learning from you. We will be following your blog with great interest. Love from the Rileys in Uganda (via Wales the land of song)

  5. thanks for sharing.


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