Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Andy asks ...

Hey Isaac, my name is Andy and I'm fifteen and we just got matched with a 3 year old girl from Haiti. I was just wondering if you had any good tips so I can be a good brother. Thanks.

Hi Andy your older than me so you may know a lot more tips then me. Here are some tips that I try doing to be a good brother. Sometimes my little sisters Phoebe (5) and Lydia (4) may wanna do stuff I don't want to do like swim or color but I do it with them to be loving. Another is include them in stuff you are doing like when I play video games like Mario Kart or SuperSmash Bros. and Pokemon battling. 

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  1. "but I do it with them to be loving." Oh if only more people could be like that! You are a very good big brother!


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