Friday, June 15, 2012

Angia asks

Hi, Isaac! You're doing a great job on your blog. I've really enjoyed reading it. I have a question for you: Your parents talk a lot about your sister Paige and how awesome she is as a daughter. Would you please describe what it is that makes her an awesome sister? (Maybe your siblings would like to weigh in on this with you.) I'm sure you're all missing Paige very much, now that she has gone to California for the summer. Thanks (in advance) for answering! ~Angia

By Noah


  1. Hi Isaac. You are a very intelligent young man. God has blessed you with a great mind. I am glad to see that you are using it. My name is Rocky and I live in Florida. I will be coming to stay in Haiti for 10 weeks in October with my wife and 15 yr old daughter. My question for you is: what would be a great game to play with the young boys at the orphanage that we will be staying at in Carrefour? Thank you in advance for your very wise answer.


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