Monday, June 4, 2012

June asks

june has left a new comment on your post " Beautiful handwriting Isaac! I have a nine year old son and he would like to know, "What is your most favourite and least favourite subject at school?"

My favorite subjects are vocab and spelling. I am a formidable opponent when it comes to those 2 subjects. Here are some words and definitions. Amiable - friendly, agreeable - Adept - skilled expert - Vehemently - strongly violently intesely - Tedious - long tiring - Auspicious - favorable pointing to a good result - Adverse - unfavorable dircted against a person or a thing.  My leaset favorite subject is Math. here's 2 examples ... 


  1. Hi Issac I was wondering what are the top, most important, things you would like children in Canada to know about Haiti? I also wonder if you have any questions about Canada? You are doing wonderful work on this blog, keep it up!
    Nicky Byres
    Richmond BC

  2. of all my vocab opponents, you are by far the most formidable. thank you for your math examples. i might want you to marry my daughter one day because you are so awesome! (she is 1.5 years old now though, so you'd need to wait a while)


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