Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tricia asks

Hi Isaac! I used to live in Haiti (and had many good meals at Beth's house!) My question is this: I'm coming back to Haiti in June for a visit. Since it's been so long since I lived there, can you tell me three fun things to do or places to see while I'm there??
Thanks so much! Tricia

Tricia -
Isaac said to tell you, "Maybe you know all of these and if you do then please tell me some more."  He also might need to hear about the hiking opportunities in Canada. He's imagining a flat country. :)


  1. poor canada with their limited outdoor life

  2. Sounds like Isaac would make a great Canadian. We also like the hiking, waterfalls and food up here!

    Thank you for the great suggestions, Isaac! I don't think I will get to Bassin Bleu this time (but I have been there before). I will try to go to Wynne Farms. And I will do lots of swimming at the Karibe hotel. Lucky me!

  3. Hi Issac (and Tara),

    This Canadian is just wondering if I can send a few stories and pictures to Issac about my favorite places in Canada. I live in the provinces with some of the most beautiful mountains and lakes.


  4. Please accept my apologies for spelling Isaac's name wrong - TWICE. I shouldn't be trying to write notes during a night shift. Sorry.


  5. Jessica -
    Isaac is ALL FOR THIS. HE said to send it to and he will be watching for the photos and stories about Canada. He said he knows almost NOTHING about Canada. :)


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