Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jessica asks

"Hi Isaac, My name is Jessica and I have been to Haiti twice. The first was over Christmas of 2007 when I helped with what used to be the orphanage at Heartline. I was also visiting a friend of mine who was caring for your baby cousin Annie(do you call Annie your cousin or sister?). My friend gave me the website to your family blog so I could read about Annie once I got back to America in January 2008, and I have been reading about your family and keeping you guys in my prayers ever since :) I was just wondering how Annie is doing and if you get to see her when you visit family in America? Has she ever been back to Haiti to visit you guys? Thanks for writing this blog it's great to hear your perspective of Haiti! Jessica F."

Would I call cutely joyful Annie my sister?  Sort of. Well, I don't really get to see her so often unlike a sister  - a sister stays with you until she eventually goes to college or sadly passes away.

Yes, whenever we get to go back to America we usually get to see Annie and the rest of her family. No, she has not been back to Haiti since she was wonderfully adopted.
(I think someday she will come back, but right now she doesn't have her passport yet.)


P.S. - the picture i posted was the last time I saw Annie. It was Christmas of 2010. Maybe next summer I will get to be with her again. I definitely hope so. I sure do love her a lot as my sister and as my cousin.

my family with Annie's family with my Grandparents at christmas time 2010


  1. We celebrated independence day today in the US. Lots of fireworks. Do they ever have fire works in Haiti? To end the day we had a big thunder lightning storm!(Gods fireworks) There are lots of carnivals here in the summer. Do they have anything like that in Haiti? (games or rides) Thanks,my son is also from Haiti(2003) he just turned 12. kim

  2. Thanks for answering and posting the photo Isaac! It looks like you have a pretty great (and big!) family :)


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