Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kristie asks ...

Hi Isaac! I love Haitian food and American food. My favorites are Griyot and pizza. Do you have favorites, too? You are a very smart young man. Love, Kristie, mommy to three children all born in Haiti

(Another reader asked about Isaac's favorite Haitian food. We apologize that we cannot locate that question exactly as it was posed  - but this answer is for that reader too.)

Hi again "Chapter Two" (I know your real name and I know you!) -
I loved meeting your kids. They are nice kids and playing that foosball game was exciting! Last time I answered you I only told you my favorite American food (wonderful steak!!!) I did not say what my favorite Haitian foods are. I also wanted to tell you that I love fried plantains a lot. The best ones ever are the ones Geronne makes at my house. Hers are better and more delicious than any other that I ever tried. I also LOVE spicy and surprising Pikliz (this is a spicy coleslaw) and fried chicken. I also like Haitian spaghetti and fried Akra and rice and beans. I like almost all Haitian foods but not goat very much.


  1. Hi Isaac!
    Thanks for your answers. I hope I can someday meet Jerrone too and try her fried plantains. The best I've had were the week after I met you and your family. My kids' birth mom made them. Guess what? Deborah, Abraham and Macdalah's older brother Fredo gave his goat for us to eat. It is not my favorite but I ate it to be kind. It was a very generous gift.
    I've never tried Akra. Maybe next time.
    You are a very talented writer. I'm going to think of another question.
    Oh, I saw on your mom's FB that Wahoo has water in its pool again. We missed out, but meeting you was a highlight of our trip.
    Thanks again. No goat, I mean "no joke!"

  2. Hi Isaac, I love Akra! The best I ever had was when Beth McHoul made it but the Haitian restaurant here in Grand Rapids also makes good Akra. I also really like fried plantains. The restaurant here makes a good sandwhich where the 'bread' of the sandwhich is fried plantains.

    No question for you this time but when I saw you talked about food, I needed to reply!


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