Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Jen-

What are the top 3 things you're most excited to do/see in Texas?
What are the top 3 things you'll miss about Haiti when you're in Texas?
Out of all of the Harry Potter books, what is your favorite part and why?
Love you buddy,


Dear Jen,
There are three things I am very excited to do and see in Texas.  First, I know you know that I love SeaWorld and I hope my parents are taking me to see the very majestic Shamu.  Second, You know I love people. I cannot wait to see our Texas friends. We have plenty of friends in Waco, and Austin, and College Station, that is why I say we have a plethora of friends. Third, I just enjoy being there. When we get to Amercia there will be a ton of things we can do there, but I will simply enjoy being there and not worrying about what to do next.

When I am in Texas I will miss our dogs. You know Peanut and Hazelnut are really good guard dogs. Peanut will attack anyone that is outside our gate even though she is seven and a half years old. She can be quite lethargic and lazy at her age too. Hazelnut is more exhuberant, whom I will also miss. Secondly, I will miss the stunning beaches of Haiti. I love the beaches here and I always want to go if it is an option.  I will miss hiking too. We will also miss the friends that live in Minnesota, like you and Tina and Matt and our cousins. 

My favorite Harry Potter book was the fourth because there was a lot of entralling adventure in it. The chapters featured enourmous amounts of excitement.

love you Jen.


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  1. The Goblet of Fire was excellent, but I also really liked The Prisoner of Azkaban because of how well the author developed the character Sirius Black. The boys and I hope to see you while you guys are in Waco!


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