Monday, August 18, 2014

August 2014 Update

My Mom typed this up so that you don't have to figure out my handwriting. On page three to five it got quite messy so I don't think you could read that easily.  

See the full version with video and photos at this link.

Time to get to the truly stimulating stuff. I am so excited for numerous things within the next six months. I will name those things.  

First, my awesome friends Jeff and Dave come back to Port au Prince on 8/19/14 - in other words, tomorrow! 

My birthday is coming up on September 7th and this will be the very first time we get to celebrate on the actual date of my birth. (I did not know my right birthday because my adoption paperwork listed the wrong date but my birth family told me about the real date this year.) Also, I am becoming an uncle in October, I will be called "Uncle Ike" to my nephew. Then, also pretty exciting, Lydia, Phoebe, Paige, and Hope all have birthdays late in the year as well. 

In January my family and I are going to fly to Florida for my sister's grand wedding. Paige's wedding will take place at a gorgeous ranch in south Florida. I saw photos and it is pulchritudinous. At the wedding me and Noah will be groomsmen. A groomsmen stands by the groom in an act of solidarity he supports the marriage and the groom, Michael. 

My Grandma told me this just yesterday. I cannot even believe it yet. My grandma and grandpa and me and my family are going on an opulent cruise. We will be on it for one week and we will visit Jamaica, Cozumel in Mexico, and the magnificent Caymen Islands. I am psyched! I am a Caribbean boy and can not wait to explore more of the greater Antilles.

Thoughtful comments and questions are allowed.

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  1. Hi Isaac,
    I live in Michigan and heard about your family from my friend Sarah Dornbos. My 10-year old daughter is traveling to Haiti on a 5 day missions trip in November. Do you have any advice for her?
    Thank you,


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