Saturday, June 9, 2012

curt/stephanie & tim/amie ask

Curt & Stephane T. said: Hi Isaac! I enjoy reading all of the nice things your family says about you. My question is - what do you think makes you so optimistic and what can I do to help my own kids be more optimistic?

Similar question ... 

Amie and Tim said: I have a question for Isaac. The world can be a hard place (you should know, living in Haiti). How do you stay happy? Looking forward to your answer. We're big fans! Tim and Amie

Note from Isaac's parental unit - These questions about how he is the way he is are entertaining to watch him answer. He so wants to give you the "right" answer.  Nine of us in this family, only one with this bouncy, happy, upbeat, curious, extroverted, glass mostly full personality.

After he read his answers to these two questions back to me he said, "Well. It's probably just the way God made me but I will still tell them this answer I wrote."


  1. Hello Isaac.

    I have a parenting question for you. I know you're not a parent, but, since you have so many brothers and sisters, you might be able to offer advice. Like you, we have a big family that lives in Haiti. Our five-year-old son, Josiah, is a great kid. We love him like crazy, but he can be very naughty at times. He has a tendency to hit his brothers and sisters, and he doesn't respect one of our staff members well-- he'll say ugly things and yell at her. What kind of punishment do you think is appropriate for these situations? Really looking forward to your advice!

  2. Isaac,
    We have a Mastiff- like your dogs. He is huge, and playful, but can also be destructive. (He chewed a hole in our bumper!) Do you have any good Mastiff training hints to pass along? We want him to protect our house well, but still be gentle with our girls and their friends who visit.


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