Friday, June 8, 2012

Jon asks

Plane or Boat? Isaac, if you could own and be the pilot of your own plane...or captain of your own boat, which would you pick? And why would you pick it? Jon
I'd be the pilot of neither of them. Because piloting a boat could be dangerous, you could run into a storm our at sea or you could crash. Pioloting a plane would take a lot of practice and would be fun but still dangerous to me.  What if the plane ran into a thunderstorm - that would be disasterous.

(Hi Jon and family! - Isaac is the most literal person we know.  So he assumes you mean that right this minute with zero training or education he would need to choose to do one of those.  He is also one of the more cautious people we know ... in case you didn't pick up on that. :) Thanks for writing him!)


  1. Ahhh. It was obviously a poorly worded question. :) I will take that special "Isaac information" into account when I come up with my next question.

    Thanks to Isaac for entertaining goofy questions from goofy guys like me.

  2. Hi Isaac, If you could do one thing for every person in Haiti, what would that be?


    What would you like to be doing ten years from now? From Elizabeth Costantino, a long time Livesay blog reader

  3. Hi Isaac,

    Two questions what is the silliest thing that has ever been sent to your family while you've been in Haiti? and What do you miss the most from the USA while you are in Haiti?

    A long time Livesay blog reader who has sent a silly package or two.

  4. Isaac, you have to be one of the most interesting kids I know. Just wish we didn't live so far apart. auntie Barb

  5. He sounds just like Jeff. If I ask, "Do you think you could climb Mt Everest?", he would say "No, because my coat is at home and I have school tomorrow." :-/


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