Friday, June 1, 2012

Karen Asks

Isaac - I love your new blog and will be adding it to the list I read daily. Here's my question for you: Our 10 year old daughter would like to come to Haiti with us when we pick up her little sister (age 2). We get to stay in Cap-Haitien for a week before we can bring her home. Do you think she should come along with us? I know she will love all of the other kids. I just worry about the heat. She's not a fan of beans and rice either. What do you think? xoxo - Karen

"It's way more different compared to america."    


  1. Hi Isaac! I'm enjoying your new blog. And here's a question: I live in England, and it's always strange for me to read about US kids finishing the school year so early, as here school doesn't finish till about the middle of July. Do you think it's good to have such a long summer break, or do you ever get bored, or forget what you learnt in school by the time you go back?

  2. Hi Isaac! Thank you for blogging and sharing your thoughts. When I was a little girl we lived in Jamaica for 2 years and reading about your lives in Haiti brings back many memories.

    What do you think is the very best thing about living in Haiti? Do you think you could find that 'very best thing' in America somewhere?
    Shari R

  3. Thanks Isaac! We just got word that our file is moving, so it's possible we'll be in Haiti in August!!

  4. Hey Isaac, my name is Andy and I'm fifteen and we just got matched with a 3 year old girl from Haiti. I was just wondering if you had any good tips so I can be a good brother. Thanks


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