Saturday, June 2, 2012

Noah asks

Isaac with Peanut, our six and a half year old Mastiff

"Hi! My name is Noah Freng. I live in South Dakota. My mom reads your parents blog a lot and I like watching your christmas videos. I have a big family too-there are 7 of us. A funny fact about my family and your family is that we both have a Noah and an Isaac. Isaac is my little brother. I am wondering about your pets. What kind do you have? What kind do you wish you had? What do you like MOST about living in Haiti? I look forward to hearing from you!"

Isaac took a break for the weekend, Noah (8) answered this:

Isaac wanted some help today so Noah answered this for him.

Isaac said: "Our two dogs are Mastiffs, that is a very large breed. One of our dogs (Peanut) is about 125 pounds and the other one is not full grown yet and weighs about 115 pounds.  The other funny thing is that next week we are getting a turtle from another missionary that doesn't want it anymore. Soon we will have two dogs and one turtle. Also, we used to have a hermit crab but we accidentally killed him."  


  1. Hi. Thanks for writing! In the Freng Family we have 3 boys (4 if you count my dad) and 2 girls (3 with my mom). I'm sorry that your hermit crab died. That happened when we had fish, my mom killed them both by putting hot water in their bowl when she was cleaning the tank. God bless your family for all the work you are doing in Haiti. I want to come visit sometime. I think I would like it there. I LOVE dogs! I cannot believe how BIG your dogs are. We have a basset hound that has tiny legs but a LONG, fat body. She only weighs about 50 pounds. I will write you more questions sometime soon!

  2. Isaac LOVING your blog! Keep it up! By the way ... I told my kids were were going to Waco, and Deacon asked if we were going to see you! He thought you were still there and was sad when I told him we wouldn't see you!
    ;)Jamie Ivey

  3. Isaac-I am really enjoying your blog (even though Noah wrote this post). I liked his bird drawing at the bottom of the page. Do you think the bird is related to his writing? I am curious about that. Also would you post some of your drawings sometime? Or Hopes and Noahs? Thanks! SarahD


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