Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kim C. asks ..

Hi Issac my name is Kim. I am a missionary photographer and have been to Haiti a few times, before and after the earthquake. I briefly met your dad and sister at a Wednesday prayer meeting at the school. What is the best way to help children in Haiti? Especially the ones who may still be afraid because of the earthquake. What do you think is the best way to tell kids about Jesus?

Isaac's rough draft:

Isaac's edit:
Dear Kim,
I think the best way to help kids who are still frightened because of the earthquake is to try to get them to know that God will take care of them.  For example, you could tell them some stuff about how you were once scared of something and how God auspiciously fixed it and helped you with your fear. It is good for kids to know that grown-ups have had God's help. I think the best way to tell kids about Jesus is to comfort them in a way that YOU would want to be comforted.  I also think you could read the Bible to them to share Jesus. 


  1. Isaac, the Lord has made you a very wise boy. And you are a sweetheart besides.

  2. Hi Isaac,
    My name is Jessica and I have been to Haiti twice. The first was over Christmas of 2007 when I helped with what used to be the orphanage at Heartline. I was also visiting a friend of mine who was caring for your baby cousin Annie(do you call Annie your cousin or sister?). My friend gave me the website to your family blog so I could read about Annie once I got back to America in January 2008, and I have been reading about your family and keeping you guys in my prayers ever since :)
    I was just wondering how Annie is doing and if you get to see her when you visit family in America? Has she ever been back to Haiti to visit you guys? Thanks for writing this blog it's great to hear your perspective of Haiti!
    Jessica Furrow


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