Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nick asks ...

Hi Isaac, My name is Nick, I'm 29 years old and live in America, (though I'm writing this letter to you from Papua, Indonesia). I'm currently travelling all the way around the world... but I've also visited Haiti twice before. I'm considering moving to Haiti! So I have a question for you about language. I know Creole is spoken the most, and so I know I will need to learn Creole first. But what about French? Will I need to learn French too in order to live and function in your country?
Thank you! ~nick
 Isaac said - "Oops, my last sentence doesn't really make sense.  Sorry about that. I just meant that you can stick to Creole/Kreyol for most of the kinds of things you need to do in Haiti."


  1. Hey Isaac,
    I'm Tifanni. I live with my family in western Montana, but we are moving to Kenscoff, Haiti in the fall. I have four kids, a girl that's almost 11, two boys ages 7 and 5, and a baby girl. My question for you is; when we move, we won't have space in our luggage for lots of toys, but I want my kids to have some things to play with. What are your favorite toys and your recommendation for sturdy toys for Haiti? I'm thinking maybe playmobil and legos.

  2. Isaac, I'm making a movie about adopted kids, but you probably already knew that.what's it like to be adopted but live in the country you were born in instead of the country your parents were born in?

  3. Why thank-you Isaac for your helpful answer. And it looks like you're getting quite the following on this webpage! I think you're doing a good job answering questions, and I hope someday to meet your family, and You!


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