Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trish asks ...

Hi Isaac! My name is Trish and I really enjoy your writing, and your insights. My question for you is: What is one thing that you wish that adults would better understand?

Rough draft:

Corrected/edited by Isaac:

Dear Trish,
The one thing I wish adults would fathom is "energy".
Kids are very energetic but at times adults say we can't be and sometimes adults want their kids to be LESS energetic and want them to calm down. How is that not tedious for adults to hold still and talk?  It seems very tedious to me.


  1. I have a 10-year-old daughter who would agree with you 100 million percent. Her greatest trial in life is adults who want to hold still and talk.

  2. Mr. Isaac,

    Why do mosquitos bite us ?


  3. ha! sometimes it is pretty tedious isaac, depending upon who you're talking to. :)

  4. Thank you for your response, Isaac! I will keep that in mind when I hang around kids. I guess we all have things that are hard for us to do, while for someone else it doesn't seem hard at all. One time I went to a week-long class for my job, and the best part was that they had laid out on all of the tables small, quiet toys and markers/crayons/colored pencils for us to just use and play with while we listened. It was really great!


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