Saturday, June 23, 2012

Virginia asks

Hi Isaac, What a great summer project! I’ve been to Haiti 3 times and riding in a vehicle is a bit frightening because of all the honking and crazy driving. Do you ever get nervous or afraid while riding? How do you stay busy while riding? Do you think some day you will be brave enough to drive in Haiti? Blessings from Virginia A.  A Fan From Indiana
A fan from Indiana,
Yes, it's true the driving in Haiti is pretty pandemonium. Sometimes I do get nervous while riding. For example, people may throw rocks at cars for a specific reason. I stay busy while riding when I talk to my siblings or bring some stuff to color on or draw. My Dad drives with gravity - meaning seriousness. Yes, I think I'll be able to drive in Haiti. The traffic problems are very incessant. 

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  1. Hi Isaac! This is Miss Koontz, your old second grade teacher in Waco. I have 2 questions for you on this warm, Sunday afternoon. :-) Do you have any creative stories you would like to share? I started a different writing curriculum this past year, and I think you would have loved it! I truthfully miss reading your funny, creative stories!! Second question, what advice do you have for second graders as they start to grow from immaturity to independent thinking and responsibility in friendships and school?

    Thanks in advance! I am so proud of the young man you are becoming!!

    Miss Koontz


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