Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saintly Nurse asks

Isaac, it is so fun to read your answers to everyone's questions! You are a smart fella! We have a question: If you could invite one person (anyone who has ever lived) to eat dinner at your house, who would you invite and why?

"The best news ever is that my Aunt TINA is coming to see me in Haiti in 7 days!!!!! I really cannot wait! It will be awesome and it will be a total blast and she will be here for a long time but it will go too fast I think. We're going to have a ton of stuff to do when she is here and I hope to have all the energy that I need to do everything fun when she comes here." -Isaac


  1. Isaac!!! I cannot tell you how honored and loved I feel! I wish I could go to sleep for the whole week so it would be time to come see you! You are at the top of my list of favorite people. I have so much to learn from you... Not just your stellar vocabulary either:) The way you love and encourage is so awesome. Jesus is shining through you and pouring out of you onto others. I hope I can be more and more like that too! See you in a week, buddy!!! I love you!
    Aunti Tina

  2. What a happy reunion that will be! How I'd love to see it.

  3. What a cool auntie you must have, and thanks for answering my question! Hope you enjoy your time with her! :)


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