Friday, July 6, 2012

Anonymous asks ..

Isaac, I am wondering if you're able to make friends with Haitian kids in your neighborhood? Do you get to see any movies that are popular in the USA? Where do you buy your clothes? I also wondered what it is like having so many people in and out of Haiti. Do you like having so many visitors?

(From Tara -  Dear Anonymous - Isaac answered your questions about two weeks ago (and lost it until last night) he had answered again while the other one was lost.  I posted both his first and second answer. The typed version below is the final draft version.)

Dear Someone,
No, I don't have any good friends here besides my family. At times I have though. Just some of my friends moved back to America. Yes, I can play with other kids in my neighborhood but the annoying thing is whenever I play soccer on the soccer field somebody ends up taking the ball so I have to get it back. Yes, I love meeting new visitors. As you may already know, I am a very social person.


It's possible to make friends but I don't have any in this mammothly wide neighborhood. I have an awesome awesome family instead. Yes, I do get to see some of the popular movies, like Megamind, Tangled, ToyStory 3, Cars2. The reason why I've seen these movies is because people sometimes bring them in. How we get our clothes is pretty hard. We don't really buy clothes here very often. We just sometimes have someone bring them in to us. Seeing visitors is fun, and yes, it is hard living with SOME of them because we're not so used to our amiable parents talking for like TWO HOURS straight!

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Parental clarification on a couple things ...
Our neighborhood is not mammothly wide.  He must have wanted to use that word. :)

We occasionally buy clothes here. It is time consuming (lots of negotiating and searching) and we are spoiled Americans that think buying should be easy, so we usually just buy clothes once a year when it makes sense to get them here. 

Isaac does not speak Creole, that is a major problem with being close to neighborhood kids. He is slowly learning but after moving here he was teased for not knowing it and that made him put the brakes on learning it for a number of years. Additionally the fact that he has white parents makes him the odd kid and causes some challenges for him.  He and Noah both try on occasion to interact and hang out with kids in the neighborhood but it doesn't always end well. Kids like to practice their English and the last time the English they practiced was "Your mom is a b-****". That stuff really keeps Isaac from wanting to try. As parents this is probably one of the main reasons we sometimes question if we want to raise them here or not ... they are outsiders in many ways and that is heart-breaking for us.  We're grateful they have some MK (missionary kid) friends and they have each other but we recognize that this is a very hard thing for them. At this point the kids are joy-filled and quite happy and we're not too concerned. We talk a lot about these things and we're the kind of parents that refuse to put Haiti or mission stuff before our kids. Our kids are our first "mission".  If we ever see they are not doing well or recovering from a difficult time, we'd begin to think about heading northwest to resettle there. 

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