Monday, July 9, 2012

Carol asks

Hi Isaac! Congratulations on starting your own blog. It's a great idea and I, of course, have questions for you. I will try to ask just one or two at a time and spread them all out over the summer. :) I am the principal of an elementary school in the US and I like to talk with students about school stuff. I hope that's ok even though it's summer. What do you think about homework - is doing some practice work at home in the evening a good idea? Do you learn things when you are completing homework? How much homework is the "right amount" for a student your age? I look forward to your answers! From, Carol

Rough Draft:
Dear Carol,
My Mom told me that we are (second) cousins! That is wonderful!! I like homework but it is not my favorite thing. Yes, homework is good for you and when you turn it in the next morning and have three wrong and the teacher corrects it and you look over the corrections, you CAN learn from your mistakes.  Yes, I do elatedly learn stuff when I'm intelligently completing homework. The right amount of homework for me is probably 3 or 4 things that won't take more than one hour.
Thanks for asking me!
From your cousin Isaac 

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  1. Hi Isaac. This is cousin Vonda. We sure miss you! Timmy would like to ask you a few questions. How would you compare Haiti before and after the earthquake. What has changed? What do people in Haiti do for entertainment? Did people have telephones in their homes before the earthquake? Or cell phones? Has a communication infrastructure been rebuilt since the earthquake?


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