Friday, July 13, 2012

Nicky asks

Nicky asked: Isaac, What are the things you would want Canadians to know about Haiti. Also, do you have questions about Canada?

Dear Nicky -
The top, very most important things for people in Canada to know:  Haiti is VERY mountainously wonderful. The ocean is such a wonderful sight. People diligently work hard in their fantastic fruit fileds.  Here are questions about Canada:
1. Does it have huge fish?
2. Have you ever seen any?
3. Is the water very cold?


  1. Hi Isaac - thanks for answering my questions and for your great ones about Canada - I have posted your blog on my facebook as I don't know much about fish....but I can tell you this - the water is very cold....I grew up on the Indian Ocean and I came to Canada one summer and jumped off a dock into the water and it literally took my breath away it was SO cold.....but my daughter Lindsay who is 15 was just away at camp on an Island and swam in the ocean everyday so maybe its just me! My friends are posting fish stories on my facebook and I will let you know what they tell me about big fish in Canada. I hope to see those wonderous Haitian mountains one day.

  2. My friend Les sent me this story!
    I heard a story on the weekend about a northern pike (fish) taking a loon (a duck) right under on lake Diefenbaker. A mouth the size of your head. He doesn't swim there anymore. It is a lake part of the south saskatchewan river system that was created by putting in a dam. OH MY!! I am glad I didn't see that fish!

  3. SO Isaac - some of my friends insist I tell you about ice fishing in winter in some parts of Canada. They push a shack/shed/small cabin onto a frozen lake - some of them have beds and stoves etc so people can stay out there overnight.....they cut a hole the size of a garbage can lid into the ice and catch fish..... sounds crazy to me but they says its lots of fun!
    Is that enough Canadian fish stories for you?

  4. Isaac - this happened about 1 hour from my!!!

    CHILLIWACK -- An English tourist fishing near Chilliwack has reeled in one of the largest sturgeons caught on the Fraser River in recent memory.

    Sixty-five-year-old Michael Snell from Salisbury, England, hauled in a 12-foot-four-inch-long white sturgeon on July 16. The fish is estimated to weight around 1,100 pounds.

    See the photo here

  5. Dear Nicky,
    These are great Canada fish stories. Thank you!


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