Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saved Mama asks

Saved Mama asked -
Hi Isaac - I would like to know what you love on your steak and how you like it prepared? How do you cope with the heat in Haiti? Are you still available to marry my daughter?

Rough draft

Second draft

Hi Saved Mama -
Well, what I love on my awesome steak is: NOTHING. Plain.  I love my steak to be mediumly prepared. The reason why I like it this way is because my Dad always cooks it that way, so I am used to it. We cope with the intense heat by jumping in our cold pool which tends to be QUITE cold even in the summer months. Okay, so, that is just a joke, right (?), about me marrying your daughter?


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  1. Yes, it's just a joke...sort of partly joke, partly compliment. Because a few years ago, when your mom was telling what a great, fun, wonderful young man you are, a couple of her blog readers were saying you'd make a great husband some day. And some of us have daughters about your age and were pretending that we were wanting to set that up, you know like an arranged marriage. But we were mostly joking! Adults are kind of weird that way. But really it's just a nice way of saying, you are a super guy!! (And I doubt you'd want to move to North Dakota anyway and I need my girl close by! :) )


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