Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sarah asks

Hi Isaac!
I just finished reading through your blog. I loved reading all your great answers. I have a couple questions for you. My family is hoping to be moving to Haiti this year (we're still not sure when or to do what thoug). I have four kids. What should they know and be prepared for before we move? Also, what are some important things for them to pack and make sure to bring with us when we move?
(edited version below)
There are a ton of things (not stuff) your kids should be prepared for, but I'll tell you like 4 things.  First, be ready for traffic; one of the main problems of Haiti. Second, prepare your hearts for a lot of sad things. Now, on the positive side, third, prepare your eyes to feast on the gorgeous landscape. Fourth, you get ready to taste the best food ever. The thing your kids should pack are some books, a journal, and a notebook in case one of your kids likes to draw. 

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  1. Thank you for yyour thoughtful answer. My kids were thankful to hear what to bring. They started talking about which notebooks they already have that they can bring. My 6 year old would like to know if they should bring clothes also, and if so, what type?


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