Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Owen and Kyle ask

Kyle and Owen recorded their question for Isaac:

Isaac answered them and added "It is always really fun meeting other kids adopted from Haiti. The fact that you are coming here makes me VERY excited."


  1. This is great! Loved watching!

  2. This is SO awesome!! Love the questions AND the answers!

  3. How fun!! I love the questions and the answers. You guys are all awesome!

  4. Too cute! Isaac- you could totally be a rockin' travel agent!

  5. I totally agree with Megan that you make an awesome travel agent! Love the video idea. It's probably easier than writing!

  6. Dear Isaac,
    Cooooooool!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited to do the things you said. Thanks for your awesome advice! We will be great friends when we meet someday.
    Your friends,
    Kyle and Owen
    p.s. You rock!

  7. This is so awesome. Blogger kids, unite!

    Isaac has a career in communications, methinks.

  8. Hi Isaac!! My daughter is 5.5 and was also adopted from Haiti. We watched this and she LOVED seeing these videos of you all! I love how poised you are (and that shirt is awesome! Where did you get it? I guess that is my question :) ).

  9. the videos rock. good job isaac- although i think chewing gum might make a bit of distraction in your reply. lose the gum, dude. ;)


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