Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tess asks

Tess said: What is your favorite video game? Do you like writing for the blog and do you write everyday?

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  1. Hi Isaac. I've loved reading your blog. I think it is pretty cool that your parents are letting you do something like this. You owe them, bigtime for being such cool parents.

    Here's my question for you:

    I have been in the process of adopting Emilee for a long long time now and she is FINALLY going to be coming home this fall, when she will also be turning 5 years old. Can you tell me having been adopted and being Haitian just like her, what are some of the important things that I need to remember when she comes home to live with me? What will help her adjust a little bit easier and what kind of things should I not forget about in the chaos of it all? I am REALLY excited to bring her home, but I understand that it will be really hard for her to leave all of her friends and Haiti and all that she knows and move to a different life.

    Thanks for answering and keep on writing!

    Shelly :)


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