Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vonda asks

Hi Isaac. This is cousin Vonda. We sure miss you! Timmy would like to ask you a few questions. How would you compare Haiti before and after the earthquake. What has changed? What do people in Haiti do for entertainment? Did people have telephones in their homes before the earthquake? Or cell phones? Has a communication infrastructure been rebuilt since the earthquake? 

Dear Vonda and Timmy -
Here is how I'd describe Haiti after the demolishing earthquake: CRAMMED.

There used to not be as much tents on pieces of land before the earthquake. For example mountains and mountainsides by the beaches have like 108 tents on it now.

A ton of stuff has changed. We see more UN people and machines (that is a truck or car) than we did before.

What do people here do for entertainment?  That depends on if they are rich or poor and what age they are.Here are some things: watching soccer games, playing soccer, gambling or lottery games,  going to the beach, watching bands play music and night clubs.

Yes, people had telephones and cell phones before the FEARSOME earthquake. Ever since the earthquake only cell phones (and not land lines) are used. Yes, a new infrastructure for communication has been built. Digicel is the massively large company that gives people a phone card if they buy the minutes. Cellular services have been doing well.


108 tents is not an official government total.
We might not see more UN.
"Fearsome earthquake" -  yes.

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  1. Isaac, thanks for answering all Timmy's questions! Have a great day!!!!


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