Sunday, September 2, 2012

an ending, a beginning ...

(Typing the above in:)
Tomorrow on September 3rd, I will start school. In America tomorrow it is Labor Day but I'm glad it's not Labor Day in Haiti because I miss school. I hope you understand the gravity of this desire I have. I cannot wait to learn about ancient history, new vocabulary words, spelling words, and science.  Happy Labor Day! 

Isaac asked that I tell you that he is not against writing an occasional answer to a new question or two on the weekends. He may be pretty tied up with ancient history, but if you have a pressing need - he's your guy.  

Thanks to all that participated and asked questions this summer, it was a lot of fun for all of us.


  1. i dont think i understand the gravity.

  2. Hi Isaac! I really enjoyed your blog this summer and I even learned a few new words! Thanks for doing it. Have a great school year. :-)

  3. This is perfect, because most of my questions are about ancient history. Happy Back to School, Isaac!!

  4. Even though we live in America my son started school on Labor Day too. He is home schooled and said he wanted to get started, so we did! I hope you have a great school year!

  5. Hi Isaac--
    This is Olkens. I don't know if you remember me but we were in the same orphanage and we were cribmates. I hope I can see you soon or talk to you. Do you have Skype? Can I email you? I have your email address.
    I would really like to know how it is in Haiti and what it's like living in the same place you were born. I hope I hear from you soon--Olkens


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