Friday, June 7, 2013

Second Summer of ASK ISAAC!!!!

Hi everyone! I am here and ready to answer more questions. I will be glad to take any question, if it is a emotionally difficult or complex question I will probably need to have my Mom and Dad help me. I like questions about the past and questions about the future too. I wrote a lot of answers last summer and you can look through this blog site to read those.

First, what has been going on with me since last summer? Well, I finished 5th grade with my spectacular teachers Mr. Jimmy and Ms. Becky and their amazing baby Abbi. I got bit by a bat on the ear and had to have 5 rabies shots. That was a crazy incident.

The photo in this post is from when Sarah D. and Sarah O. and many other friends came to visit us for Paige's high school graduation day. They are looking at Paige's Kreyol ABC book and we are all enjoying seeing Paige's book with them for the first time.

Ask away!!!!!



  1. Hi, Isaac. I want to know how you're feeling about being the oldest Livesay child at home (once Paige goes to college). And I know it's a long way off (and I don't want your mom and dad to start extra-early grieving), but do you already have plans for when you graduate from high school? Anything you'd be willing to share? Thanks so much!

  2. Yeah Isaac is back! Hey Isaac - what are you most looking forward to about being in America for 5 months? And - what fun things should my 8 year old daughter Lexi and I do in PAP when we stay at your house this summer?

  3. Issac, I was so happy to meet you a couple of weeks ago at the pool. You probably don't even remember me because you meet so many people but it was a pleassure for me:) I have a question for you-What are your favorite things to do with your WHOLE family when you are ALL together?
    We have a big family too and I am always looking for fun things to do that everyone enjoys!
    Hope your summer is WONDERFUL!
    Renee' Moldrup

  4. Hi Isaac! Reading back a bit (missed last summer's Ask Isaac), wonering if 5th grade was all you hoped it would be, and what were some of the most interesting things you learned in 5th grade, especially in ancient history and science? (history is one of my favorites) Is there anything special you hope to do over the summer? Hope and pray all is well in your world. Greetings from Los Angeles, California and blessings to you and your family.


    (My six guinea pigs -- Annie, Wentworth, Frederick, Sophie, Harville, and Benwick also send their greetings)

  5. Hi Isaac! My name is Jen and I'm from Oregon, and I love reading your blog with my 7 year old son, Carson. I know you haven't been in the US a lot lately (other than the bat bite incident) but this is my question. It has 2 parts: What is something you miss about the states when you are in Haiti, and what is something you miss about Haiti when you are in America? Thank you! Jen T.

  6. Hi Isaac! My name is Traci. My family and I live in Indiana (USA) and are in the process of adopting a 3 year old boy from Haiti. He is living at God's Littlest Angels in Petionville right now, but we are excited to have him join our family:) I was wondering if you would have any advice for us as we bring him home and help him get adjusted to our family and his new environment? Also, you mentioned your sister's book. Is this a book she will publish and if so could we get one? I would love to have something like that for Wadson when he arrives here in Indiana? Thank you! Traci G.

  7. Hello Isaac,

    I am Haitian-Canadian living in Montreal, Canada. You have a formidable vocabulary and seem to enjoy words and language as much as I do. The city where I live is quite unique, in my neighbourhood people switch between English and French in the same sentence at times, and many people speak Kreyol and Spanish as well.

    My question is this. Can you share a list of your favorite words and what you like about each word? Some words are fun to say, some have unique meanings, some just seem to liven up a sentence. I value you thoughts and reflections.


  8. Hi Isaac,
    I enjoy reading your amazing answers! My husband and I are adopting a little boy from Haiti & hope to bring him home to the states at the end of this month. What are some important things he should always know about his Haitian background? Is there anything that I should get him that is a great Haitian souvenir(s) that you think is a must have to take home? Have a great summer!
    ~Greetings from Kentucky~
    Ashley B.

    PS-I am friends with your friend Megan Haug(we went to college together). :)

  9. Hi Isaac,

    My question is this - Now that Paige has moved on to Texas, what do you think it will be like for you to be the oldest child at home?


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