Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dear Mrs. Marla,

Q. Hi, Isaac. I want to know how you're feeling about being the oldest Livesay child at home (once Paige goes to college). And I know it's a long way off (and I don't want your mom and dad to start extra-early grieving), but do you already have plans for when you graduate from high school? Anything you'd be willing to share? Thanks so much! -Marla



  1. HI Isaac,
    Thank you for answering questions again this summer.
    On your recent trip to America after you Bat bite, I would like to know what suprised you the most about the USA What you thought was strange or odd about american culture.
    Thank you Before
    Lorrie Beauchamp Berg

  2. Dear Isaac,
    I want to know how it is your parents got so lucky as to have YOU! Are there any more just like you out there? signed,Country Girl in North Texas

  3. Dear Isaac,

    They say that MK's are often bitten by the "travel bug." I was wondering if that is true of you and if so, what other places in the world you might be interested in visiting and why?

    God bless,
    Stephanie Garcia
    (MK Mom raising MK's in Chile)

  4. Dear Isaac,

    I used to live in Haiti when I was a kid. Four of my siblings were adopted from there while I lived in Petionville. I have recently been thinking about my favorite things to do there and was wondering if you ever do any of these same things. I used to love to get ice cream at DeliCat. (Is there still such a place and do they serve ice cream?) I used to love to talk to people on the road when we were stuck in traffic. (I miss this in America because, even when we do get stuck in traffic, the people are in their own cars and won't look at you.) I used to also enjoy taking long walks in the mountains. The people would stand on their rooftops and watch us (probably because we were white, also because we nearly fell of the mountain on multiple occasions.)

    Do you do any of these things? What DO you like to do?

    Thank you!
    Caroline Kraft


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