Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dear Sarah in Haiti,

Note from Isaac's Mom:
The way this works ... 
I give him a group of questions printed out for him. He carries them around in his back-pack to and from school. He chooses which one he answers. He crosses them out and finishes one group before I give him a new group. I am not with him when he is writing his replies usually. He gives me the answers as he finishes them and I post them for him.  Today I noticed that he answered Sarah in Cap Haitien with answers that don't totally match her questions. (The adjustment advice is about traffic.)  I don't know if he was reading another question at the same time or if he is just incredilby random. Could be both. 

Hi Isaac,
Our family of 6 moved to Cap Haitien, Haiti two months ago.  In America, my kids loved to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. As you know, we don't have those foods here and they are having a hard time adjusting.  What are your favorite foods to eat here in Haiti?  And since you've lived here for so much longer than they have, what advice do you have for them in getting settled in?

Thanks! Sarah


  1. Hi Tara. I understood his answer to question 2 perfectly, since traffic in Haiti compared to in the US is probably the biggest area of cultural adjustment one encounters when they move here, aside from the language. (Perhaps especially from the perspective of a kid riding with parents who are engaged in Haitian traffic culture shock.)
    Love this kid Isaac! He is wise beyond his years!

  2. AH-Ha -- well, I think you nailed it Sandra :) He hates traffic, so that probably is his number one adjustment issue. Given a choice to go run errands or stay home, he chooses home because he loathes traffic.

  3. I just read your answer to my question. Thank you for taking the time to answer. You are right, traffic is crazy!! I think it would be even crazier from the back of a moto. My kids want to buy a horse to use to get around.


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