Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Anonymous-

Hello to readers of my summer blog,
I heard my Mom is not posting enough right now. I regret that she has not had time. Today I am posting the answer to an older question. I am almost running out of time to write for this summer because my seventh and final week of summer school is imminently beginning on Monday, July 15, 2013. Can you believe six weeks of summer school are complete already? I am getting exhilerated thinking about going to the states soon and I cannot wait to see my friends and family.  I have time for about five more questions.
Thanks for reading!

If you could choose between spending one whole day in space or under the sea, which would you choose, and why?

If I could spend an entire day in either space or at the bottom of the sea, and be able to breathe doing both of them, I would choose to spend the day at the bottom of our abysmal ocean.  Here are some reasons why...

Space is capricious and you could get lost pretty easily out there, so you die if one day passed and you are lost without oxygen - you just get disoriented out there, unless you had a space ship that could travel at a bewildering speed.

Even if you almost run out of time in the ocean you would stand more of a chance of reaching the surface using a submarine.  Under the sea seems safer to me than space. Also, the ocean is teeming with life (unlike space which is defunct of life) and it would be exorbitantly fun to be near so much undersea life. So, to answer your fabulous question, I would choose a day under the sea.

(Photo of paper not available due to spilling of vibrantly colored red juice.)

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  1. Isaac, you have a very impressive vocabulary! Do you read a lot of books? What is your favorite book or favorite type of book? When I was your age, I really enjoyed mystery novels and the Babysitter's Club series.


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