Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dear Pwofese Becky -

Jimmy and Becky have been teaching the Livesay kids and serving in Haiti for two school-years. They just welcomed their second daughter to the world on Sunday! We are happy to share that they are going to teach again in 2014. Today's question came from Becky in Texas.

Howdy Isaac!
I really miss seeing you every day and love reading the excellent writing you are doing on your blog. My question is: What do you think heaven will be like? What do you most look forward to about heaven? What do you hope to do there? Any questions you want to ask God? I'm so thankful for the sure hope of heaven in Christ - aren't you? Can't wait to see you next month.


Mrs. Becky -
I think everything in Heaven will be gorgeous. Streets made of gold, verdant fields, and an opalescent sky for us to gaze upon. Also, Heaven could be as effulgent as a star maybe even brighter!

What I look the most forward to in heaven is seeing my friends, my family, Elijah, the well known follower of God who rode up to Heaven on chariots of fire, and last but not least the dinosaurs who once roamed our vast and colossal world.

What I hope to do there is talk to a lot of people and ask them about their lives on earth. If this is possible I would like to enter Heaven by riding a dragon, it would be very cool.

I only have one question for God momentarily. Did bees have stingers before sin came in the world because stingers are used to protect the bees. So, if someone harassed a bee the punishment is being stung. My theory is God knew sin was coming so prepared them. (the bees)

I hope you found this mesmerizing. Say "HI" to super-baby and the newcomer side-kick-baby, Rachel.

The last out to eat at the UN base with Paige before she left 

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