Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Ashley B -

Ashley B, asked about things that are important for her soon to be adopted Haitian son to know about Haiti ... and things to bring back to the USA for him from Haiti.

Isaac said,
Hello Ashley this here is my answer you asked me. I think it is cool you guys are adoptiong a little boy from Haiti. I hope the adoption is doing good so far. Here are important things taht he should always know about his Haitian background.

No 1 - Haiti is a beautiful mountainous place everywhere you look you are bound to see a mountain.
No 2- The beaches are found in many areas and are very gorgeous.
No 3- Haiti has very good and I mane really good food - its main staple is rice.

There is not one but TWO great things you can bring him. 
No 1- Paintings can be found in Haiti while you are driving around, usually hanging on walls.
No 2 - Metal geckos, these are also found hanging on walls on the streets.

I'll pray for you as you are in the process of adopting. Thanks for reading Ask Isaac.

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  1. Thank you Isaac!! I received your reply just before our trip. I managed to get pics of the awesome mountains & beaches. We weren't able to shop in town but a couple of people came by the gate to where we stayed. I bought our son a painting and a gecko for his wall just as you suggested! Thank you for your response, it was greatly appreciated. We enjoyed Haiti but we sure did sweat a lot while we were there. Your Haiti is H-O-T! :) HA Have a great day!


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