Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello from Texas Everybody!

Good Morning everyone, today I have some great news. Noah and I were hastily searching through google to see what cool animals we could learn about. So we looked up facts about crocodiles and orcas then one idea hit me. "Since we miss our dogs so much, why don't we google them", I said to Noah, and so we did. Although the ipad was mistaking us for other things instead of what we were really saying. We did however use the ipad's internal microphone. Astoundingly we saw our dogs on the internet - it was as if they were famous. I love our dogs Peanut and Hazelnut.


  1. Isaac, I just wondered why you haven't ever learned to write in cursive? There is a trend now to not teach cursive, based on the idea that soon everything will be written on electronic devices and no one will need to know how to write with a pen or pencil. But that, if it ever even happens, will be a long time in the future. Perhaps your parents believe in that idea, and that's why you use print only. Have you ever learned cursive writing, and if not, why not?

  2. Google is a wildly magical place, and even funnier is the kinds of things people search on to find a blog -- you should be able to look this up for your own blog.

    Glad to know you are well, and hope you are enjoying this season of life in the U.S. What are you studying these days? (besides crocodiles and orcas) I'm trying to think of a particularly fascinating animal. The history of horses is pretty fascinating. The pouches of arboreal marsupials (like oppussums and koalas) generally open backwards, which is kind of weird. Did you study the difference between transient and resident orca pod culture? We have a very aggressive pod of transient orcas that hunt along the coast of California following grey whale migrations. Monarch butterflies are pretty amazing if you've not studied them, and cicadas too.

    WAIT! I'VE GOT IT!!! Go look up the Cochineal. The story and history of the cochineal does not disappoint.

  3. Isaac, my name is Melissa and I have a son named Moses. He is 8 years old and would like to ask you a few questions.
    1 - Do you have a collection of some kind? I was thinking you might have one of shells, since you said there are a lot of beaches in Haiti.
    2 - Do you know how to do origami? I like to make paper airplanes and try to make origami dinosaurs.
    Thank you for answering his questions if you have time!


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