Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hi Everybody! Check out our Christmas Play!

I have a long car ride to go on TWO times before I go home to Haiti.  If you want me to answer anything, just leave me a comment here and I will write it while I am on my long road trip. I can take at least two questions.

I'm excited to answer! 



  1. Isaac, I am really curious to know what surprised you the most about the United States, what you liked the most, and what you disliked the most. We're looking forward to having your family back in Haiti!

  2. Hi Isaac,
    If I remember rightly, in recent years you have spent Christmases in both Haiti and the US. What do you like best about each? What do you like least? (If I've got that wrong, I'd still be interested to hear your favourite things about Christmas. Mine are going to church, singing carols, and seeing my baby daughter's smile when she sees a Christmas tree.)

  3. Isaac, I'm wondering what happened to your dog Peanut that resulted in her injury. And, now that the McHouls fixed her up, will she be all better soon? I'm also wondering how you think Chestnut will get along with Peanut and Hazelnut? Enjoy those road trips!
    Angie (Mom to a boy born in Haiti who is the same age as you & Hope)

  4. Loved your family's Christmas play, bless you all this Christmas. I taken coast-to-coast trips twice, New England to New Mexico once. I hope you find things to make you wonder or to inspire you along your journey.

    1. Blogspot decided to be formal there. I would probably respond to "vstarkgraf" if you could figure out how to pronounce it, but suffice it to say "Val" (and her six guinea pigs named for characters in Jane Austen's "Persuasion" -- Annie, Wentworth, Frederick, Sophie, Harville, and Benwick) wish you all Christmas blessings. :)


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