Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear Jen T,

Hi Isaac! My name is Jen and I'm from Oregon, and I love reading your blog with my 7 year old son, Carson. I know you haven't been in the US a lot lately (other than the bat bite incident) but this is my question. It has 2 parts: What is something you miss about the states when you are in Haiti, and what is something you miss about Haiti when you are in America? 
Thank you! Jen T

Dear Jen T,
Some things I really miss when I am in the states and when I'm in Haiti is friends. We've got a plethora of friends in the states that I love to see when they come to Haiti or when we go to America. I love to do a lot of stimulating things with our friends when I have the opportunity. Something I miss about Haiti when I'm in America is our dogs. I know the very last time I went to the states for 10 months we only had Peanut our lathargic Mastiff, but now I'm going to start to miss Hazelnut, our hyper Mastiff. There are tons of things I miss when I'm in both places but those 2 I think of a lot whether I'm in Haiti or America. 

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  1. Thank you so much, Isaac! Carson and I just read this and we both loved how you used the word "plethora." (He wants to try to put that in his vocabulary now.) I bet that each time you leave one "home" for the other, it is bittersweet. We'll be praying for your family as you get ready to say goodbye to Peanut and Hazelnut, and say hello to all your friends in America! Thank you for answering my question! --Jen T.


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