Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dear Gwenn.

Hi Isaac,

I have two questions-- (you don't need to answer both if you don't have time.)

1. You are both Haitian and American. Which nationality do you identify with more, and where do you suppose you will live when you are grown up?

2. What qualities do you look for in a friend? Who is your best friend? 
Gwenn Mangine

In case it is too unclear to read well:

Dear Gwenn Mangine,
Some qualities that I look for in a friend are creativity like in my astouding friend Hayden. Number two, capriciousness, as in humorous, my friend Anson was very hilarious. Number three, liveliness, my friend Ashton was extrmely energetic. Number four, kindness, Jeff, who lives in Haiti is very kind. Number five, Every person might have one of these kinds of friends, can you guess what it is? A Jokester. David Salvant is really goofy. My favorite friend is Hayden Hendrick but I still love ALL my other friends as well.

I am both Haitian and American and even though I live in Haiti, I feel equally both. Where I will live, only God knows. Who knows, maybe Haiti again.

P.S. My vivacious brother Noah will always be at the top of my friend list :) .

me with my best friend, noah - when we were little

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  1. I feel so honored that you answered my questions! I found your answers as to qualities you look for in friends refreshing-- interesting and insightful choices. I enjoy your appreciation for words. You're going to rock out the vocab section of the SATs someday. ||

    Wishing you an unmitigatedly stupendous day!


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