Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Marjorie,

So, Isaac, you are an MK living in PAP. Your circle of friends and acquaintances must be very diverse. I am wondering how many countries are represented among all the people you "do life" with in PAP. Of those countries, which is at the top of your list to visit in the future?


Dear Marjorie
Among all the people I do life with in Haiti, most of them come from these astonishing places: Virginians, Canadians, Bostonians, Dutch, and Australians. It is very cool because just like last week, I met an amazing midwife named Shelly and she grew up in Africa. She seemed as if she lived a very stimulating life in Africa. Although it was sad, because two of her dogs were eaten by savage leopards.  

I don't know where all I want to visit (or live), probably Africa or America and maybe Australia.

Thanks for asking,

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