Monday, July 8, 2013

Dear Lisa S ...

Dear Isaac,
Our family has been following your family's blog since before the earthquake.  When the earthquake came, we followed you more intently while praying for your safety and for your friends there.  We really enjoy watching your Christmas videos.  Hahaha!  We are greatly encouraged by your family's love of Jesus and how that love for Him pours out into other people's lives.  

My question for you is, what characteristic of God do you find the most intriguing?  And, why?

Also, what is your favorite Haitian snack?  I ask out of curiosity as we have 3 boys (12,10 & 9yrs) and they always want snacks.  Wondering what they would do in Haiti for a snack...  Here they chow down on Doritoes, Cheetoes, Oreos, popcorn, and other forms of first world junk food.

You don't have to answer both if you don't have time!  Thanks so much for sharing your insight with the world.  We are blessed to be on the receiving end.

May God continue to bless and lead, provide and care for your precious family.


Lisa Shay on behalf of the Shay family

"I find these characteristics of God very intriguing: Mercy is number 1. Our God is extremely merciful which is good because everyone could use some mercy.  JUST is number 2.   Our God is just because His decisions that He makes are fair, there is no fault in what He does. Number 3, flawless, our God is every single fruit of the spirit." (Part II below)

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  1. Isaac, thank you so very much for your answers. I love the mercy of God, although I will never understand it. I will share these answers with the rest of my family, who will appreciate the fact that you took time to respond. You are a very special young man. Should we not meet this side of heaven, we will catch up in glory, Okay?


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