Friday, July 5, 2013

Response to my Mom's question ...

Dear Isaac,

Did you think you would ever get a question from your Mom?  
Here it is…. Dad and I observe you and watch you grow and change and we very much see you as a peacemaker in our family. Sometimes we even notice that you lean toward pacifism. My question is two parts, one, please tell us what a pacifist is and two, please tell us if you think you were born this way, or if it is more who you became as you grew up in our house. You are the only person I know that is like you. I am fascinated by you and uber proud of you.

Dear Mom,
No, I did not think you would ask me a question. I am flattered you asked me a question. 

A pacifist is someone who opposes war or any kind of violence, like shooting, stabbing, or boxing - those are some notorious examples of bad things. As a pacifist I also do not like hearing people be mean or cuss at each other, it is very excruciating for both me and the person who is fighting.

I think it was a combination of being born and growing up in this house that made me a pacifist. I want to keep my attitude as clean as can be. For example, violent games can change your attitude to violent, which is not what God wants. Since I have siblings, it is important that I have a good attitude to set an awesome example.

4 year old isaac ~ does this look like a pacifist? ;)

Coming Monday, I will answer Lisa S. about what I think are the characteristics of God.  Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Dear Isaac,

    This is one of my favorite responses you've ever given. I can see why your Mom & Dad are so proud of you! What a blessing you must be to your parents, your family and everyone who knows you. I bet you won't believe me, but you are teaching people how to love others and to love and follow the Lord through what you write here on your blog. Thanks!

  2. Love the gun totin' 3rd world cowboy picture. LOL! Cannot wait to be enlightened by Isaac with his response to my inquiry!! this is such fun...

  3. I love this one, Isaac! Thanks for sharing. I already asked you a question at the beginning of the summer, but I have another one. I know you love words. (I do too!!) Do you have a list (a mental list or a real one) of your favorites?

    Would you be able to share your 5 favorite words (and a brief sentence about why you like it so much)? And if you can't narrow it down to 5 (or 5 is too many), then 3 or 7 or 10 are great too!!

    Thank you!!


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